Deregulated Electricity Tips

Hellllo lovely persons!! I am coming to you today to talk about electricity…as in the dreaded electricity bill..the awful electricity plan. Yuck. No one likes that.

Anyways, if you are in a deregulated area AKA you can choose your electricity plan I want to help make sure you are not over paying. Your bill is made up of a few kilowatt usage aka kwh and a rate..the rate is the tricky part. Your rate is made up of a charge from the actual electricity provider (Oncor, Centerpoint, TNMP, AEP) and also a charge from the company you choose.

A lot of times the bigger companies (Reliant, TXU, Green Mountain) they advertise only the energy charge, so not the charge from the electricity company. So they trick you by making you think you have a great plan when in reality you don’t.

You also do not want a plan that is full of gimmicks. If someone says free nights tell them they are crazy and turn away.

Make sure to stay away from tiered plans, the “use this amount of electricity & you’ll have a great rate but you less or more than your bill will be a lot more!!” You shouldn’t have to worry about running your washing machines.

You DO want to be in a contract. If you are not in a contract your bill will more than likely be double what it should be. Yuck.

It is best to shop around and find a new provider every time. If you constantly renew with the same company your rate will constantly get higher.

I would stay far away from companies like Stream or Ambit. They are both MLM’s and every time I have helped a client who was using them their rate was scary high.

Anyways, those are some few tips everyone should know. If you want help with your plan you can reach out to me. I will drop my link below.

Happy Tuesday. Happy 2020. Let’s all save money this year. 🙂

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