Behind Closed Doors

Book review time!! &&&& ohhh is it a doooozy of a book..& i mean that in the best way possible.

I have been very adamant about my top two books and this one just slid right up in there! Honestly, I was hooked from chapter one. Not only was it a page turner but it also made you think, actually think, about what you could do or would have done had you been in Grace’s shoes. Did she handle things the best way possible or could she have done something sooner? I strongly urge you to read this novel then answer those questions.

This novel switches between Present and Past which seems normal except that half way through the book Past happens after the original Present. That keeps you on your toes to say the least.

Chapter one shows what a perfect family Jack & Grace Angel are. The most beautiful house, luxurious vacations, extravagant meals, not a single thing out of place. Sounds perfect, right? Their friends adore them..except the new friend, Esther. Esther is skeptical, can a couple really be perfect?

The next chapter allows you to look into the past, see how Jack and Grace met. And wow Jack is so perfect. He’s understanding, caring, loving and generous. What else could a woman want? Especially when the woman has a little sister who has Down’s syndrome. A little sister she has promised to take care of after she turns 18.

You then learn that Jack is very controlling, or so you think that’s what he is. He won’t allow Grace to see her friends without him, she doesn’t have a cell phone or a personal email…what could be going on? Esther is very cautious of her new friends marriage and Jack is starting to take note of that.

The book gives you very little at a time, just enough to keep you turning the page and making it impossible for you to put the book down.

“Do you realise what you’ve done, do you realise that you’ve sold your soul to me?”

As you dive deeper into Grace’s life you begin to wonder if she can ever achieve what she needs to in order to not only keep her self safe but her little sister as well. You wonder if Esther will ever understand what is actually happening to Grace and if Jack will ever get what is coming to him. & I am here to tell you….


nothing. 🙂 You must read it yourself. You won’t regret it. You might even smile.

Jack may shut the shutters on their house but he can’t shut the shutters on our opportunity to read a killer novel. 

I like to rate the books I read on a scale of 1-5 and I rate this one a solid 4.5. B.A. Paris hit a home run with this novel and I will probably read it again. I hope you’re not disappointed when you take the leap and turn the page.


xx Kailey xx 

Wine Trail

I’m a big shop local guy *Shawn Booth voice*. When it comes to clothes, shoes, tamales & *drum rolllll* wineeee! 🍷

It’s a new year which means it’s also my birth month so last weekend I set out with my faveee people to hit up the north East Texas wine Trail. It was a long, fun, tipsy day. And now I’m coming at you with a review.

Stop 1: O’Farrell Vineyard- A quick 20 minutes from my house & you have made it to O’Farrell’s. Family owned and operated & always a good time. O’Farrells is a great place to spend the early part of your day or a stop before dinner. They always have the wine-a-rita machine going, several different wines to choose from & different snack options. They don’t serve actual dinner but I prefer cheese & grapes with my wine anyways *casual hair flip* . You can sit by the cute fire place, under a heater or even on a swing. A very chill atmosphere & loads of fun.

If I have to choose my favorite ETX winery this would take the cake.

O’Farrell Vineyard check emmm out

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I’m Not a Regular Mom, I’m a Dog Mom

I do not honestly believe being a dog mom even half way compares to being a real mom, or a “regular” mom. I know that the struggles moms go through with babies & children: illness, late nights, financial struggles & emotional struggles are wayyy more intense than the struggles a dog mom goes through. So please do not take this as me comparing my life to yours, my struggles to yours, my issues to yours. We are each our own person but you, as a mom, are a superhero. With that being said …..

my first day with Mosby (excuse the unbrushed hair & two day old eyebrows)

Being a dog mom is the coolest thing I have ever done. *que Regina George’s mom* “I’m a cool mom” .

I think being a dog mom really helps you learn responsibility, strength, patience & it prepares you for what life may bring.

I’m not necessarily a kid person & I am definitely not a baby person. Spit up, dirty diapers, slobber, puke, bad milk, crying, none of that is for me. I see a baby and I duck and hide. I see a puppy and I beg to hold it.

You can put a dog in a bucket but can you put a baby in a bucket??? No?? I didn’t think so.

I have always had dogs. Even as a little girl we always had some sort of dog, usually an outside dog that was a stray that we decided to give a home. They were just dogs to me though, not really family.

Then my freshman year of high school my life changed forever. I saw a litter of mini dachshunds at a barrel race & KNEW I had to have one. I got my dad to agree, then my mom & then we were picking out a puppy..our new family member. Insert Tinker Bell.

Family Picture (a world before Instagram)

Tinker Bell became my best friend and queen of the house real quick. She knew her place and she ran with it. She loves to sleep under the covers, play with the children & sit in your lap. She also likes to bark at the horses but that’s another story.

When I left for college I had to leave Tinker at home & my mom quickly became attached & Tinker was no longer my dog. Tinker Bell knew her home was in the blue house & she wasn’t uprooting her throne to come with me. I let a few years pass & then I decided I needed my own dog. I was in college, kind of lonely, kind of bored and I knew a mini dachshund would make my life complete. I searched, waited, searched some more. 6 months later I found the perfect dog. I saw one picture, put my deposit down and started taking polls on a name. Mosby didn’t win…but it won my heart over.

Mosby & Tinker Bell

After three days of having Mosby I was so attached, I knew I couldn’t live without him. Okay that may be a little dramatic.

Now to the good stuff… why being a dog mom is soooo cool

  1. You always have a cuddle buddy
  2. Your dog will love you no matter what
  3. Cute pictures
  4. You can dress your dog up like a child
  5. Guard dog, they can scare away scary people
  6. They can help you make new friends, everyone loves a cute dog
  7. They can even help you get a date
  8. You learn that if you actually love the person (animal, same thing) that poop and puke isn’t that bad
  9. If you’re sad your dog will make you happy
  10. Who doesn’t love a best friend????

I don’t agree with the the saying “adopt don’t shop” because I bought both Tinker Bell & Mosby and I love them both with my wholeeee heart. I even plan on eventually having little Mosby’s..I believe all dogs deserve to be loved whether you buy them from a breeder or adopt them. All dogs are to be loved and cherished & you should only become a dog mom if you fully intend to stick it out through the pup years and adult years. With that being said I have adopted a beautiful dog & I love her equally.

I hope I never have to live in a world where being a dog mom isn’t allowed. If you are a dog mom please drop pictures below.

Kailey xx

Why I Wish I Would Have Joined a Sorority

I want to preface this by saying that if you are not in a sorority, if you never see yourself joining a sorority, if you are in a sorority, if this & if that, it is OKAY. Whichever path you take is your very own & you are unapologetically yourself no matter what. Stay that way forever.

Looking back on my years at good ole Tarleton State *Guns up*

I really really lived, are ya picking up what I’m putting down?? If not I may attach some proof at the bottom of this page.

I’m sort of a catty woman, very head strong, stubborn and short on patience. So the thought of actually being surrounded by girls all the time turned me off. Especially since I worked with 27 girls already. – I like to think of us Montana Waitresses as our own type of sorority-

The schedule seemed stressful especially since I worked at least 40 hours a week, full time student & had horses. & then the thought of fees and T-shirts????? Horrendous. (But I do wish I had the stack of t-shirts some of my friends have)

It just seemed so scary & I thought I was doing okay. My friendships from classes, work & good ole Bar C really had me covered. -A night at Bar C with my pals-

Anyways, fast forward a year and a half. No more Montana, no more Bar C, no more classes. I still have wonderful friends. Blessed. But I wish I had more.

Not more friends necessarily but more connections. It’s amazing seeing girls I went to college with move off to new cities but still have “sisters” they can meet up with, no matter where they’re at. The connections you gain when you join a sorority are more than I can fathom. No matter which career path you decide is right for you, you can almost guarantee a sister before you chose that path as well. You never have to worry that you are alone or stress that you don’t have a person near by.

You constantly have your sisters hyping you up, IRL & on social media. You always have someone to help you out in any situation. Someone who constantly has your back. No matter where you are, physically or mentally.

I’m sure there are other things sorority sisters enjoyed more & I can point in the direction of many so you can ask those question about other positives. But for me, I enjoyed life, we had our own type of “formal” , our own parties but I will never be connected to others the way sorority sisters are.

I live with very few regrets and this is one.

Cheers to all the girls who found their home no matter where you are. Cheers to my sorority friends. Cheers to my non sorority friends.

PS. If you have any connections that you want to share with me I would love to be your “sister”

PSS. I decided not to post proof because it’s too embarrassing 🤦🏼‍♀️

Kailey xx

Cruising Into Fall

So y’all all know I am a broke college graduate with what I like to call “a case of wanderlust”…so I scratched the wanderlust itch the cheapest way I know how. A CRUISE. We had two stops & 2 1/2 days on a ship with all the food and drink at our disposal.

Cruises are so easy & affordable. Honestly all you have to do is have a passport and know where you want to leave from.

The gals & I decided it would be easiest to leave out of Galveston so that meant hello Mexico! A stop in Cozumel, Yucatán, unlimited food & alcohol on the ship all for under $600 a piece…can you beat that?? I don’t think so.

Taking a break from the real world right before the holidays was a genius idea.

Stop 1 – Cozumel

I’ve been to Cozumel several times and I actually love it so much so that I wouldn’t mind living there. It’s beautiful, the people are nice & the food is tasty.

We wanted to snorkel so we did an excursion I had actually done before with my best friend on our senior trip years ago. It was such a blast then that I knew we couldn’t go wrong.

We had so much fun on this excursion & made some very cool friends. We were able to snorkel with the fish & reef and then get back on the catamaran and get “confused” as the employees said. The catamaran took us to a private beach that included margaritas and water toys. Sliding, jumping, drinking & chatting with our new friends was simply a blast.

Once the excursion was over and we were back on land we got an appetizer and drink at Fat Joes. Annndddd then I almost got thrown in Mexico jail…I wish I was joking…but I don’t think I am.

Cozumel was great and I will always ALWAYS recommend going on a catamaran.

Stop Two– Yucatán

I’ve always heard that Yucatán is everyone’s least favorite stop & I can see why. It’s an industrial beach & there really isn’t much to do. BUT you can take a two hour bus ride & see one of the seven wonders of the world. The Mayan Ruins have so much history, good & bad, and it’s amazing to see and understand how they lived when it was a populated area.

Disclaimer : it’s not a place I would have wanted to live but it was a great experience to see now

Following the Mayan Ruins we got to eat lunch and swim in a cenote. If you ever get the chance to see and/or swim in a cenote you better take that chance. It should be on your bucket list for sure. 150 feet of fresh water. Absolutely stunning.

Also–I had a Kailey moment before jumping into the water…I trampled over the Day of the Dead tribute so I’m actually probably cursed now.

The Ship

The food, the drinks, the activities, all of it, all worth it. You can eat and drink as much as you want and as often as you want. They have comedy clubs, which are hilarious, karaoke bars, which are just as hilarious & clubs. Don’t dance on the bar in the club or else you might get in trouble…we may or may not have done that. You can gamble. You can watch movies. You can play trivia. The mac & cheese at brunch is the BEST. The hot tubs are warm. The slide is fun. And supposedly you can even get topless on the serenity deck, but who knows if that is true or not. –if you know for sure please let me know.

It honestly is such a blast & I highly suggest taking a cruise. I would suggest going by yourself, going with your love, going with your friends or going with your family. No matter what you will have a great time at an affordable price.

Thanks to Katie Jo & Kala for the pictures & memories.

Kailey Xx

Girls Weekend

Over the past week Texas has experienced some phenomenal and frightening events. A solar eclipse, a hurricane, a tornado AND a girls weekend! &&& what a wonderful weekend it was!

My longest friend had a birthday and we all came together to celebrate her and ourselves in downtown Ft. Worth. Brunch, mimosas, cheesecake and tattoos?? Yes, that all happened and it was indeed the best time!

My group of friends are well rounded and we complete each other, we’re each our own Friends character.

Casey is Phoebe, not the most traditional life but she brings light and humor to every situation. Caitlin is Rachel, she has clawed her way to success with the help of her friends and she is always supportive. Kala is the other Green girls (haha I swear it’s a compliment) she is ditzy but smart, outspoken and funny, you can not help but laugh at the things she says, OH and she is still using daddy’s credit card. && as much as I wish I was Rachel I am actually Monica (I KNOW!!) sometimes I am too serious, sometimes I am too crazy and I am always the voice of reason!

Anyways– we started the weekend by popping some bubbly and getting ready to go out for the night! We had dinner at this fantastic restaurant on 7th Street, Gloria’s Latin Cuisine! When I say fantastic I mean the food was fantastic–my mango margarita not so much. After dinner we headed to Landmark, super cute bar with great drinks and the most fantastic “Bottoms Up” sign.  After Landmark we all checked something off our bucket list as we stepped on to the bar at Coyote Ugly. It was honestly such an amazing experience. The bartenders were total babes and so fun! However Bailey did get in trouble for touching a dancer but all was forgiven as she climbed on the bar (total queen).  The night was pretty much over after Coyote Ugly and that was probably for the best.

Saturday morning we woke up (just a little hungover) and got ready for brunch. I could brunch everyday and that is how I want my future to be. Anyways we went to the most perfect restaurant. Mash’d. Mash’d. Mash’d. (clicking my heels together in hopes that I will end up there) Best.Moonshine.Based,Bloody.Mary.Ever. BEST BREAKFAST EVER. and our waitress, Suzi, was the best.

While eating brunch we decided, let’s get tattoos??? Duh, always get the tattoo. Cute, simple, meaningful. Proof of a great weekend.

For dinner that night we HAD to go to The Cheesecake Factory, I had never been before so I was super ecstatic. We ordered wine, pasta and pie and we had never been happier. Tipsy, full and happy.  And then me being the Monica I am I went to bed while everyone else partied on.

All and all it was such a perfect weekend. Lots of girl talk, champagne, food, lipstick and love. Since we’re all adults now we don’t get to see each other very often so anytime we get the chance to come together for a good time, we do. I am so blessed with the girls in my life and I could not ask for better friends.