Girls Weekend

Over the past week Texas has experienced some phenomenal and frightening events. A solar eclipse, a hurricane, a tornado AND a girls weekend! &&& what a wonderful weekend it was!

My longest friend had a birthday and we all came together to celebrate her and ourselves in downtown Ft. Worth. Brunch, mimosas, cheesecake and tattoos?? Yes, that all happened and it was indeed the best time!

My group of friends are well rounded and we complete each other, we’re each our own Friends character.

Casey is Phoebe, not the most traditional life but she brings light and humor to every situation. Caitlin is Rachel, she has clawed her way to success with the help of her friends and she is always supportive. Kala is the other Green girls (haha I swear it’s a compliment) she is ditzy but smart, outspoken and funny, you can not help but laugh at the things she says, OH and she is still using daddy’s credit card. && as much as I wish I was Rachel I am actually Monica (I KNOW!!) sometimes I am too serious, sometimes I am too crazy and I am always the voice of reason!

Anyways– we started the weekend by popping some bubbly and getting ready to go out for the night! We had dinner at this fantastic restaurant on 7th Street, Gloria’s Latin Cuisine! When I say fantastic I mean the food was fantastic–my mango margarita not so much. After dinner we headed to Landmark, super cute bar with great drinks and the most fantastic “Bottoms Up” sign.  After Landmark we all checked something off our bucket list as we stepped on to the bar at Coyote Ugly. It was honestly such an amazing experience. The bartenders were total babes and so fun! However Bailey did get in trouble for touching a dancer but all was forgiven as she climbed on the bar (total queen).  The night was pretty much over after Coyote Ugly and that was probably for the best.

Saturday morning we woke up (just a little hungover) and got ready for brunch. I could brunch everyday and that is how I want my future to be. Anyways we went to the most perfect restaurant. Mash’d. Mash’d. Mash’d. (clicking my heels together in hopes that I will end up there) Best.Moonshine.Based,Bloody.Mary.Ever. BEST BREAKFAST EVER. and our waitress, Suzi, was the best.

While eating brunch we decided, let’s get tattoos??? Duh, always get the tattoo. Cute, simple, meaningful. Proof of a great weekend.

For dinner that night we HAD to go to The Cheesecake Factory, I had never been before so I was super ecstatic. We ordered wine, pasta and pie and we had never been happier. Tipsy, full and happy.  And then me being the Monica I am I went to bed while everyone else partied on.

All and all it was such a perfect weekend. Lots of girl talk, champagne, food, lipstick and love. Since we’re all adults now we don’t get to see each other very often so anytime we get the chance to come together for a good time, we do. I am so blessed with the girls in my life and I could not ask for better friends.


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