I’m sure you’ve heard of it, maybe you’ve survived it, thrived past it, maybe you’re in fear of it or maybe, just maybe, you’re like me…and you’re living it.

It’s real and comes at you almost like a freight train but it’s not all bad.

You’ve graduated, your student loan payments are starting, you have a degree and still no clue what you want to do with your life, so you find a filler job. Something temporary, something that will bring in income, keep you busy and help you figure out exactly what you want or even need out of life.

Do you want to use your degree? Do you want to get another degree? Do you want to live in your hometown? Do you want to move far away? You can figure it out, it just takes TIME.

Of course it’s not all bad, you can find cheap rent and if you’re as lucky as me even free rent. You can pay off all the debt you’ve put yourself in while you grow as a person.

I am very thankful for my filler jobs. Being a waitress taught me patience, respect, loyalty and how to separate my clothing before washing (Only former servers will understand that one). Being a bank teller has taught me just as much. Respect, you can not judge a person by their outfit, how loans work, mortgages and even insurance.

These two jobs are not ideal and I hate saying I have a degree and i’m just a bank teller..but i’m not just a teller. I am a person, a growing person, a person who is learning more about life everyday. I am preparing myself for the real, big, scary world.

So never feel down on yourself, we are all learning and growing into successful young adults. I’m proud of us. We encourage each other. Never give up. Push on, and kick ass.  


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