7 Things Bank Tellers Wish You Wouldn’t Do 

Guess who’s back, back again … Kailey’s back…to complain about things and teach you a lesson. 

Y’all seriously I’m only saying these things because I would have had NO clue that these things were annoying had I not worked the jobs I have. 

Sooo with that being said, being a teller is a fairly simple job, with pay that covers my student loan and car payment every month but the best part is I have learned SO much. Here’s a few tips on how to make our jobs easier & quicker for you. Oh & some common decency as well.

  1. Smoke- seriously how hard is to wait until you are away from a window to light your cigarette?? No one likes to have smoke blown in their face or through their window. 
  2. Staples- please don’t staple your check to your deposit slip! We then have to search for a staple remover & if we don’t catch the staple before hand then we jam our scanner & it’s just a huge mess. 
  3. Folded Checks- omg don’t do it!! Your simple deposit is now going to take double the time because I have to unfold your check to make sure it can go through my scanner. 
  4. Fees- ok, I don’t control the fees, my manager doesn’t control the fees. There’s plenty of ways around the fees so politely ask and we can figure it out OR go cash your check at YOUR bank.
  5. Picky- you want your cash back a certain way? That’s great! So when I ask you how you want your cash back tell me! Please don’t wait until I give it back to you then change your mind & make me run back & forth. Yeah, you’re helping me reach my step goal but you’re annoying me too. 
  6. Identification Card- how are you going to get mad at me for making sure I am taking care of YOU?? There is so much fraud and I just want to make sure the correct person is getting their cash. Once I establish a relationship with you I won’t ask but until then I will, strictly for your benefit. 
  7. Smacking- This can be categorized as common mannerism, am I right??? Don’t smack on your sucker or your gum in front of me. I shouldn’t be able to hear the juices from the gum you’re chewing on. (Yes, that has happened) Your transaction will take less than a minute, you can wait that long. 

Ok, that is all for today’s lesson with Kailey B. I hope you learned something new today because ya know what they say “The more ya know”. Thanks for tuning in. ❤ 

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