8 Things Servers HATE

I was a waitress all through college & I would not change or take away that experience or the things I learned. I learned how to be respectful towards everyone, especially people who work in the customer service business. I learned how to multi-task like a champ. It was sometimes an exhausting job, sometimes it was stressful & overwhelming, sometimes it was gross but it was always a blast. I had to learn to bite my tongue sometimes (like the time the old man threw his bun at me), I even had to learn how to hide my disgust at times (like the one time a lady tried to prove to me she was old enough to drink by showing me her scar from getting her tubes tied…yes you read that right…). All in all it was a job full of lessons, hard work, fun & lots of love…but there were somethings I hated & with some help from my friends I’m going to teach you what NOT to do when you’re out to eat. 

  1. Don’t pretend the table at the restaurant is your kitchen table- We don’t care to see all of your belongings sprawled out all over the table. Do you want me to sit your drink on your book? Oh this plate looks like it’s going to have to go on your computer! Please make room for us so we can do our job.
  2. Acknowledgement- Does it kill you to acknowledge your server? That’s just common mannerism. Just say “hi, we need a few moments” & we’ll gladly give you time 
  3. Complaints- Okay, we understand not everything is going to be perfect all the time but the majority of the time it’s not the servers fault. If your food is cold tell us when you take your first bite and we’ll fix the issue. If you’re unhappy with your food don’t take it out on us because chances are we’re probably unhappy with the kitchen too. 
  4. Interruptions- AGAIN common mannerism! If you ask me what the special is let me get it out before you interrupt me. I promise we’ll answer every question you ask if you’ll just give us the chance. 
  5. Bad Children- Not all kids behave, most of us know that..we either have children of our own or have nieces and nephews. With that being said if your child is throwing bread or cherries at our head and you’re laughing at them we’re not going to be happy. Also, don’t feed your child 30 cherries before lunch if he’s going to throw them up & if he throws them up please clean the mess! Just TRY to control your children & we will be happy. 
  6. Messiness- If you are an adult and you leave cracker wrappers all over the booths & crumbs all over the table then your server is more than likely judging you. Once again the restaurant isn’t your dining room..we don’t mind cleaning the tables but if your mess looks like a tornado came through then you need to do better. 
  7. Unnecessary Neediness- we are here to serve you & we do our best job because you help us pay the bills BUT come on. Your glass is full so why do you need a refill? You want two ranches but you don’t even use them? You asked me for toast but you don’t even like bread?? Okkkk 
  8. Tips- you knew it was coming! I hate seeing “if you’re gonna complain about bad tips then go get a real job” welllll first off being a server is the only way the majority of servers can work. They’re either in school, single parent, single parent AND in school, working multiple jobs. No, it’s not the ideal job for most but it is sometimes the only way we can support ourselves. When you think you’re being awesome by leaving $2 or less than 10% you’re really not, the server makes no money off you. The majority of the time your server has to tip out a bartender and a host sometimes two of each. So if you can’t afford to tip after eating a ribeye walk next door instead and eat a McRib from McDonalds. 

With all that being said I loved my job as a server and I know most of my friends have loved it too. It’s one of the best ways to make friends, meet new people and make connections. We work hard, let y’all boss us around and only roll our eyes a little bit. So next time you go out to eat please take into consideration how we feel. 
Here’s some pictures of fun times I had as a waitress & the friends I made along the way. We always dressed up for Halloween & had the best Christmas & New Years parties. Loved my fellow servers & wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Halloween 14 with Bailey 

Elissa, MJ & JinksHalloween 15 with Bailey & Caitlin

One of the shift managers, Clare Bear

Kitchen Manager! 

New Years with Macey, Caitlin, Rachel, Sabrina, Tiara & my little MooMoo

Montana Christmas Party 15 with Macie! 

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