I’m Not a Regular Mom, I’m a Dog Mom

I do not honestly believe being a dog mom even half way compares to being a real mom, or a “regular” mom. I know that the struggles moms go through with babies & children: illness, late nights, financial struggles & emotional struggles are wayyy more intense than the struggles a dog mom goes through. So please do not take this as me comparing my life to yours, my struggles to yours, my issues to yours. We are each our own person but you, as a mom, are a superhero. With that being said …..

my first day with Mosby (excuse the unbrushed hair & two day old eyebrows)

Being a dog mom is the coolest thing I have ever done. *que Regina George’s mom* “I’m a cool mom” .

I think being a dog mom really helps you learn responsibility, strength, patience & it prepares you for what life may bring.

I’m not necessarily a kid person & I am definitely not a baby person. Spit up, dirty diapers, slobber, puke, bad milk, crying, none of that is for me. I see a baby and I duck and hide. I see a puppy and I beg to hold it.

You can put a dog in a bucket but can you put a baby in a bucket??? No?? I didn’t think so.

I have always had dogs. Even as a little girl we always had some sort of dog, usually an outside dog that was a stray that we decided to give a home. They were just dogs to me though, not really family.

Then my freshman year of high school my life changed forever. I saw a litter of mini dachshunds at a barrel race & KNEW I had to have one. I got my dad to agree, then my mom & then we were picking out a puppy..our new family member. Insert Tinker Bell.

Family Picture (a world before Instagram)

Tinker Bell became my best friend and queen of the house real quick. She knew her place and she ran with it. She loves to sleep under the covers, play with the children & sit in your lap. She also likes to bark at the horses but that’s another story.

When I left for college I had to leave Tinker at home & my mom quickly became attached & Tinker was no longer my dog. Tinker Bell knew her home was in the blue house & she wasn’t uprooting her throne to come with me. I let a few years pass & then I decided I needed my own dog. I was in college, kind of lonely, kind of bored and I knew a mini dachshund would make my life complete. I searched, waited, searched some more. 6 months later I found the perfect dog. I saw one picture, put my deposit down and started taking polls on a name. Mosby didn’t win…but it won my heart over.

Mosby & Tinker Bell

After three days of having Mosby I was so attached, I knew I couldn’t live without him. Okay that may be a little dramatic.

Now to the good stuff… why being a dog mom is soooo cool

  1. You always have a cuddle buddy
  2. Your dog will love you no matter what
  3. Cute pictures
  4. You can dress your dog up like a child
  5. Guard dog, they can scare away scary people
  6. They can help you make new friends, everyone loves a cute dog
  7. They can even help you get a date
  8. You learn that if you actually love the person (animal, same thing) that poop and puke isn’t that bad
  9. If you’re sad your dog will make you happy
  10. Who doesn’t love a best friend????

I don’t agree with the the saying “adopt don’t shop” because I bought both Tinker Bell & Mosby and I love them both with my wholeeee heart. I even plan on eventually having little Mosby’s..I believe all dogs deserve to be loved whether you buy them from a breeder or adopt them. All dogs are to be loved and cherished & you should only become a dog mom if you fully intend to stick it out through the pup years and adult years. With that being said I have adopted a beautiful dog & I love her equally.

I hope I never have to live in a world where being a dog mom isn’t allowed. If you are a dog mom please drop pictures below.

Kailey xx

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