Wine Trail

I’m a big shop local guy *Shawn Booth voice*. When it comes to clothes, shoes, tamales & *drum rolllll* wineeee! 🍷

It’s a new year which means it’s also my birth month so last weekend I set out with my faveee people to hit up the north East Texas wine Trail. It was a long, fun, tipsy day. And now I’m coming at you with a review.

Stop 1: O’Farrell Vineyard- A quick 20 minutes from my house & you have made it to O’Farrell’s. Family owned and operated & always a good time. O’Farrells is a great place to spend the early part of your day or a stop before dinner. They always have the wine-a-rita machine going, several different wines to choose from & different snack options. They don’t serve actual dinner but I prefer cheese & grapes with my wine anyways *casual hair flip* . You can sit by the cute fire place, under a heater or even on a swing. A very chill atmosphere & loads of fun.

If I have to choose my favorite ETX winery this would take the cake.

O’Farrell Vineyard check emmm out

Stop 2: Red Road Vineyard & Winery- I first tasted this wine back in October at a wine festival & it was so great I actually bought a bottle. I never knew this winery existed, especially so close to home! Located in Naples, Texas you’ll miss it if you’re not looking for it..& that would be a mistake. I’m a sucker for a good dry red wine & he had two I really loved. Now he doesn’t serve food but he does have a great price on tastings! He’ll tell you his story, where he’s from & why he does what he does. You’ll more than likely leave with a good story to tell and a bottle of wine in your hand.

Red Road Vineyard check emmm outttt

If I had to choose a favorite wine, which I don’t like to do, the Dearg would win.

Stop 3: Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards- Los Pinos is probably the most known winery in north East Texas. It’s beautiful, fancy & has more to offer than most wineries. This is the type of winery you go to on a special date. It is fancier than others & more expensive as well. They have a tasting room & also a restaurant area, where you can sit inside or outside. You can still taste the different wines while at the dinner table but only one at a time & then you may have your server running around like a chicken with their head cut off.

We did some exploring there & they have a beautiful, chilly room where barrels of wine are kept. When ever they host parties that’s where the guest sit, eat & drink.

I love all wineries but I don’t suggest going here unless you’re wanting to spend some money & are on a fancy date.

Los Pinos you can check them out here!

Stop 4: The Central Station: Brick and Brew- soooo this was not a winery but hello we had two dudes with us who deserved some beer & well I love craft beer just as much as I like wine. It was the end of the day, we were all tired but we couldn’t turn down a flight of craft beer.

My sister & I shared one & we each had our favorite.

Number 14 aka snickerdoodle beer took the win for me. Most of the beer had cute descriptions and they were all locally brewed. You really can’t beat Texas beer.

They also had food which didn’t disappoint. One of the guest in our party got a “sausage platter” which called for lots of jokes from my brother in law.

Over all I can’t wait to revisit this place on an empty stomach.

Brick & Brew go give em a viewww!

My birthday weekend was a success. And we have another stop for another time! So be on the look out for my next Wine Trail post!

With love & a belly full of wine ~~

Kailey xx

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