A friend and I were talking this morning, I called to invite her down for a fun weekend, she told me she couldn’t go because she had to work. I asked her how her job was going, did she love her career, was it what she wanted?? Her answer really got me thinking. She said “It’s okay, but this can not be what I spent 5 years of my life going to school for” I agreed with her. Is this all that we get? A half fulfilled life? 

The answer has to be no. We do not go to college on an average of four years to live a mediocre life. It just can not be that boring. But how do we get out of the rut we find ourselves in? How do we find a career that fulfils us?

I was watching New Girl this morning and Schmidt was talking about how he went to work and crushed it then he crushed it again. He just absolutely loves his job and he thrives at it. The same way Jess thrives at being a teacher or Rachel thrives when working with fashion and Monica thrives in the kitchen of a well known restaurant. I do not want to be a Chandler when it comes to my career, nobody does. Ammirite???

In order to get a fulfilled life you must sit down and actually think about what fulfills you. Is it working with kids? numbers? words? sick people? Pick a topic and go from there.

Be willing to branch out, not only in your career but also in your location.

Don’t depend on someone else for your happiness.

Never settle. Never ever.

Don’t give up on yourself.

Find a hobby.

Make a bucket list.


Then you take a step back and….CRUSH IT. 

No, I am not fulfilled, but I am headed in the right direction. I have attainable goals, a bucket list, a fun hobby, dreams and a passion. I will tell you to sit back and watch me achieve them and you need to do the same. Let’s come together and live a life worth telling. I’m going to crush the rest of 2018 & I believe you will too. 


xx Kailey xx




2 thoughts on “Un-Fulfillment

  1. Yessss!!! So many people settle in life, whether it’s in their career, relationships, or lifestyle. Guilty! However, I believe learning how to not settle in life begins with truly figuring out who you are and what you want out of life; what truly makes you the most happy! What matters the MOST to YOU! Not society, not your mom, not your significant other, YOU. Start there. Soul search. Get to know yourself more. Try new things you’ve never done before. Learn from your experiences.

    I don’t love nor dislike my job/career as an RN. But! I do love that it gives me and allows me to do and accomplish everything that I want and need in my life that matters MOST to me. For that I feel successful. The added bonus is just being able to give back to others and provide care for those in need.

    My goals in 2018 are:
    -To be a minimalist and be content with what I have: no excess!
    -grow in a certain relationship with someone particular in my life.
    -be fully immerrssed and present for every moment leading up to and during the process of marrying this phenomenal person that is the love of my life!!! I can’t wait!


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