The Kitchen House

With February being Black History Month I figured it would be a great time to tell you all about The Kitchen House. If you have already read this novel then I would love to hear your thoughts.

This novel wrecked my soul in the very best way, made me cry several times and made me so happy in the end. It was so real, so raw, and really made you think about how far we have come and how lucky we are today. 

kitchen house

Based from 1791-1810 the novel is told from two separate points of view. Lavinia, the Irish girl who was orphaned during her passage from Ireland whom the Captain brought home & Belle, the Captain’s illegitimate slave daughter.

The prologue really snags you from the beginning. It starts with Laviana running, full of fear. A little girl is following her and you just know something bad is about to happen. And then it does, someone has been hanged. You have no clue who but you do know that you have to find out.

Chapter one starts and you learn about Laviana and how she ended up at the Tall Oaks plantation. You watch her go from a tiny, sick, scared little girl to a girl who believes she belongs in The Kitchen House. Laviana believes the slaves are her family and that they will always have one another.

Laviana develops a very close relationship with Belle. Belle takes her under her wing and loves her as if she were her own daughter but Belle herself has obstacles to overcome.  The Captain’s wife does not know that Belle is his daughter, she believes Belle is actually his mistress. Which in the long run makes life more difficult for Belle.

Laviana grows close to all the slaves, they become her family but in 1797 (chapter 27) everyone’s world is shook. The Captain passes away & Laviana is taken from Tall Oaks in hopes for a better future. The white people and black people both know this will give Laviana a better future but Laviana just wants to stay at Tall Oaks.

In 1801 Laviana finally gets what she wants, a life at Tall Oaks once again…but everything has changed and no matter how hard she tries it will never be the same. The struggles the family faces in the next 9 years is enough to have you laying in bed, eating ice cream & crying!

With all that being said I highly suggest you read the novel and see how it ends. You won’t regret it. It will warm your heart in ways you didn’t know it could be warmed and you will get a good cry out. 

xx Kailey xx

the kitchen house 1

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