Behind Closed Doors

Book review time!! &&&& ohhh is it a doooozy of a book..& i mean that in the best way possible.

I have been very adamant about my top two books and this one just slid right up in there! Honestly, I was hooked from chapter one. Not only was it a page turner but it also made you think, actually think, about what you could do or would have done had you been in Grace’s shoes. Did she handle things the best way possible or could she have done something sooner? I strongly urge you to read this novel then answer those questions.

This novel switches between Present and Past which seems normal except that half way through the book Past happens after the original Present. That keeps you on your toes to say the least.

Chapter one shows what a perfect family Jack & Grace Angel are. The most beautiful house, luxurious vacations, extravagant meals, not a single thing out of place. Sounds perfect, right? Their friends adore them..except the new friend, Esther. Esther is skeptical, can a couple really be perfect?

The next chapter allows you to look into the past, see how Jack and Grace met. And wow Jack is so perfect. He’s understanding, caring, loving and generous. What else could a woman want? Especially when the woman has a little sister who has Down’s syndrome. A little sister she has promised to take care of after she turns 18.

You then learn that Jack is very controlling, or so you think that’s what he is. He won’t allow Grace to see her friends without him, she doesn’t have a cell phone or a personal email…what could be going on? Esther is very cautious of her new friends marriage and Jack is starting to take note of that.

The book gives you very little at a time, just enough to keep you turning the page and making it impossible for you to put the book down.

“Do you realise what you’ve done, do you realise that you’ve sold your soul to me?”

As you dive deeper into Grace’s life you begin to wonder if she can ever achieve what she needs to in order to not only keep her self safe but her little sister as well. You wonder if Esther will ever understand what is actually happening to Grace and if Jack will ever get what is coming to him. & I am here to tell you….


nothing. 🙂 You must read it yourself. You won’t regret it. You might even smile.

Jack may shut the shutters on their house but he can’t shut the shutters on our opportunity to read a killer novel. 

I like to rate the books I read on a scale of 1-5 and I rate this one a solid 4.5. B.A. Paris hit a home run with this novel and I will probably read it again. I hope you’re not disappointed when you take the leap and turn the page.


xx Kailey xx 

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