All Your Perfects

Is perfection.

Colleen Hoover is fantastic. Honestly, that’s all that needs to be said. If you follow her on social media you realize that her personality is hilarious & that you don’t even need to read her books to be a fan. BUT I totally suggest reading them. Especially her newest release, All Your Perfects.

I’ll do my best to review the novel with out breaking any laws (lol) or spoiling it. I preordered this one in May and I patiently waited for the release. But unfortunately for me (not really) I’ve moved since then. The book was released but it didn’t show up at my front door…nope it showed up at my old house…at the back door to be exact. So, I had to wait to read the book & for those three days I saw so many gushing reviews that I started to spaz. Anyways, you should read it because, well, it’s amaze balls.

Colleen has mastered the art of pulling at the heart strings. My favorite thing about her writing is that she talks about the REAL issues. In this particular novel she taps into marriage & the struggles that come with marriage, especially the struggles that stem from infertility.

Q & G met in the most unconventional way. They weren’t expecting to fall in love & after they fell in love they weren’t expecting to fall apart.

This novel is written in a Then & Now format & it’s my favorite type of format. You are able to feel the butterflies the couple feels as they fall in love & also feel the pain they feel as they’re falling apart. Colleen does a wonderful job of making you, the reader, feel what the characters are feeling. You crave in the past & grieve in the now. The feelings are so real, raw & relatable. (My favorite R’s when reading a book) Once you turn the first page you won’t be able to put it down until the end.

This is me, not putting the book down 🤷🏼‍♀️[/capt[/capt[/capt[/capt[/capt[/capt
So go to The books website or order from amazon, you won’t regret it.


Til I read the next great book

xx Kailey xx

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