A year ago I bought the domain for my website..I took a leap & it has been a wonderful escape for me. The first post that I felt like really helped, not just myself but others as well was my post where I opened up about my struggle with depression. Mental health is so important and sometimes we don’t nurture it the way we should. The same can be said for addiction.

One of my favorite public figures was rushed to the hospital earlier this week because she overdosed. Everyone has talked, speculated, prayed or judged since the news broke. The majority of us feel an emotional connection to her because she has always been so open about her mental health, drug & alcohol problems. Last year she came out with a wonderful documentary where she really talked about the troubles she went through and struggles with every day. Most recently she released a song where she admits to relapsing after six years. (both are linked)

Simply Complicated


With all of that being said I wanted to touch on addictions and how addiction does not discriminate.

I have personally never been addicted to a substance but that does not mean it isn’t in my personality. I without a single doubt have an addictive personality. When things start to feel too good I do my very best to stop them cold turkey (lol what a funny saying).

I find myself becoming addicted to people, I start to crave them, even if it is just conversation. I become addicted to TV shows and movies, once I start I can not stop until I am finished with the whole series or the whole book. Sometimes I will lay in bed all day just so I can finish. Once I’m drawn in like that it becomes hard to focus on anything else. Because it is so easy for me to become addicted to those things and the way they make me feel I fear the thought of becoming addicted to substances that can make me feel the same way. It’s in my bloodline to become addicted to things. A very close family member of mine overdosed when I was 11 years old and because of that I am more cautious to the things I allow myself to enjoy.

Since I do have my own struggles with addiction and mental health I believe that it is very important to not only talk about and pray for those in the public that struggle but to also pray and talk to our neighbors. You never know who is struggling with a demon of their own. More than likely your neighbor, a friend, and maybe even the cashier you see every Tuesday has a battle every morning with their very own demons. So, just pray for thy neighbor. And if a friend needs to talk, listen.



xx Kailey xx

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